Wish You Were Frank

Wish You Were Frank

So, tell us how [True Detective] ends?

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the night that changed everything-sunday, february 9, 1964

50 years ago today, on february 9, 1964,  the bealtes played on the ed sullivan show for the very first time. [they played 5 songs in total. in order: all my loving, till there was you, she loves you, i saw her standing there, and i wanna hold your hand.]

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star trek x new girl

ive been wanting to do this for so long ok dont look at me like that

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The annual meeting of the I Faked My Own Death Club. 

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I try not to think too hard about how these are my life choices.

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Happy 70th Birthday.

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Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / The Who / The Smiths
Star Trek / Marvel